Workshops & Lectures on Digital Sociology. Author of the book:

Does Social Media Have Limits? Bodies of Light & the Desire for Omnipresence

Media Education Lectures & Workshops

Throughout my career, I've spent more than 14 years researching the impacts of social media on a sociological, psychological and physiological level. Doing lectures and workshops is a great way to promote Media Education

Digital Sociology

For those interested in understanding the relationship between societies and technology, this workshop offers an overview based on top research on the impacts of big data, algorithms society, social media and technology.

Social Media Addiction

This a topic of great concern to me, specially in children and teenagers. That's why I have decided to offer workshops on the topic for schools, parents and organisations seeking to change this addictive behaviour.

Desire for Omnipresence

The desire for omnipresence is the driving force behind our need to be here, there and everywhere on social media. In this workshop, I explore the sociological links between mind and screen, social media and meditation.

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~ about me ~

photo - camila mozzini-alister

Camila Mozzini-Alister

I'm a Writer, Social Researcher and Social Media Educator based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. My background is a double PhD in Communication (UERJ-Brazil) and Arts: Production and Investigation (UPV-Spain), with a Research Master’s in Social & Institutional Psychology  (UFRGS-Brazil) and a Bachelor (Honours) in Journalism (UFRGS-Brazil). I work as a Sociology Lecturer and Adjunct Research Fellow at the University of the Sunshine Coast (UniSC), Australia. I've also worked as an Art Educator at both Iberê Camargo and the Mercosul Biennial Foundations, and a Social Educator at La Salle Foundation.