Can we touch?


i. sit down

ii. take the phone

iii. point it toward me

iv. stay as long as you want

v. when you go, please leave the phone on the chair


look at me


through thescreen





Based on these rules, “Can we touch?” is a performance that intends to, through the strategy of dilating such a trivial action as looking at ourselves and each other on screens, make visible and sensitive the magnetisms that nowadays circulate between us.

What happens when we spend five, ten, twenty, thirty minutes looking at one another through eyes made of lenses, surfaces of glass, indium tin oxide, electronic circuits, and silicon? Would we be able to feel, as the cell towers do, the signals and wave frequencies that carry to the screen the bits and pieces of a body converted into image? Would these images that illuminate themselves as pixels have any possibility of reaching a tactile gesture? Would we have a sense capable of perceiving other layers of this electromagnetically touch in the texture of the air? What experiences of presence come from this technical mediation of the look?

Questions that can be summed up in the following inquiry: do our images touch one another?