Look, imagine, listen, feel



Sixteen young artists presented the conference-spectacle “look, imagine, listen, feel” in several spaces surrounding the former Casa Daros. These actions are the result of the artistic residency “Contemporary laboratory: propositions and discoveries of what is (and can be) art”, which took place at Casa Daros between the months of October and December 2014, in a joint effort with the MESA Institute and the E. Collective.

“look, imagine, listen, feel” is the outcome of an intense and pleasant collective work that gathered performances, collective actions and interventions developed in the meetings with a plethora of artists and researchers. Its format was inspired by the conference-spectacles presented by Helio Eichbauer in the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts during the tenure of Rubens Gerchman (1975-1979).

A complete dossier dedicated to the conference-spectacle “look, imagine, listen, feel” was published in Revista Mesa – Volume 4.

Participating artists

Aline B, Antônio Amador, Beatriz Coelho, Bianca Lopes, Camila Mozzini- Alister, Henrique Castro, Felipe Nunes, Gabriel Cavalleiro, Jandir Jr., Julia F Staneck, Luan Machado, Lucas Bueno, Luiza Coimbra, Michel Schettert, Raphael Giammattey, Tathi Peixoto, Tomaz Bevilaqua, Jessica Gogan.

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