put me away

put me away, please!

I can’t be happy

with just a house, a husband, and a child

serious issues afflict me

I can’t feel satisfied

with the daily grind

put me away, voice of reason!

I know you know what is best for me!

I know you have the answer to my question!

put me away, then: I don’t have the magic wand

of reason’s inner workings

my gestures express too much

my voice talks too much

my theater acts too much

put me away and save what is left of me!

interdict my body, paralyze my eyes, shut my mouth!

rectify my intensity

bound my instant to the eternal

unveil my essence!

oh, grand master! I beg you to put me away

for I have lost the membrane between fiction and reality!

I can no longer live without theatricality

and every moment is like a big skit!

put me away so that I can have this peace!

put me away so that I can have

the normality of myself in one piece!

put me away so that I don’t become this mad beast

put me away so that I don’t die…

but so that I can kill me!